Project Introduction #34: Largo, Bringing Trust to the Global Trade Markets

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In today’s world the power of banks, states, and huge corporations far exceeds the power of the individuals themselves. This imbalance creates plenty of opportunities for abuse for the advantage of the few in power. This happens thanks to the centralization of control over financial wealth distribution mechanisms. The emerging trend of the past 10 years is that the appearance of the means to decentralize such mechanisms.

Decentralized finance describes a new financial set-up that’s built on public blockchains. the foremost notable samples of such blockchains are Bitcoin and Ethereum. They aren’t merely digital money, these systems are built on opensource code and are supported by a distributed team of developers. this suggests that everybody has the ability to review code and verify that it’s working as described.

Introducing Largo, Bringing Trust to the Global Trade Markets

Largo platform is a digital framework that utilizes Largo coin to resolve the issues of insecure deals and uninsured transactions in trust-dependent markets, means to mitigate centralization of financial power, lack of individuals’ financial sovereignty and independence by means of blockchain technology. Largo coin is a decentralized financial instrument that permits anyone to transact freely with no limitations, with low or zero fees and almost zero delays.

Largo is a company that will create trust in all the markets that include some kind of trade between its participants. Largo Coin focuses on deal insurance and escrow service internationally, via Largo Platform. Largo platform is a digital platform that utilizes the most recent technological advancements, including blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.


LRG Coin, a Cryptocurrency that is at the Core of Largo Platform

LRG coin is a cryptocurrency that’s at the core of Largo Platform, used to make sure the safety of deals between parties transacting on the Largo platform. it’s used to compensate for the party that insures the deal and also as escrow deposit. LRG coin is already traded on cryptocurrency exchanges which makes it a liquid asset and a really convenient tool to secure deals with minimum risk.

To use the escrow services provided by Largo Platform buyers have to purchase a specific amount of LRG coins on open exchanges. this would provide a constant demand for LRG Coin, enhance its circulation, and increase trade volume.

Using Time-proven Proof-of-Stake architecture makes coin operation smooth and fast. Proof-of-Stake architecture is efficient in terms of outside of network resources such as contrary to the more common Proof-of-work, PoS systems require no dedicated hardware like miners for validation, which is both financially and energy-wise inexpensive.

Largo LRG Coin Mining

In accordance with the Road Map Development Plan, the main features to enable the soonest mass adoption of the ecosystem are going to be released within the first year of launch, due to that a significant volume roughly twenty percent of the emission of Largo Coins are going to be minted during that period.

After the first year, the block rewards are going to be gradually reduced once a year to compensate for the results of inflation and to further increase the potential for market value growth of Largo Coin and to reduce the sales pressure on the exchanges.

The total emission would be limited to 200,000,000 LRGs for the same purposes of ensuring ecosystem scalability following the stable price growth. therein sense, Largo Coin is somewhat like the world’s most spread and widely accepted cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, but intends to succeed in the mass occupation of the market in an exceedingly significantly shorter period.

LRG Fundamental Advantages

First is a limited supply, LRG has a limited supply of 200 million coins. this implies that at some point within the future the emission will stop. But even before that, it creates a positive mathematical expectation within the eyes of traders and investors. the reason for this is that at some point the inflation will stop completely while usage of the coin will continue increasing, which can constantly increase demand for the coin, positively affecting the price. Integration into business processes.

Second, LRG has low costs, robust infrastructure, and is straightforward to use and integrate both for individuals and companies. It also fits the modern necessity for systems that are both capable of supporting micro-transactions and high-volume rapid and reliable transfers.

Then Constant Demand increase due to profitable PoS architecture As compared to most typically spread cryptocurrencies, Largo Coin incorporates the advantage of higher price growth stability: LRG holders are first of all incentivized to sustain their volumes of LRGs out of the free-float so as to receive larger gains from transaction validation, and secondly, they’re financially discouraged from anyhow tampering with the protection of the network.

Also important is High-end security, the mix of the state-of-the-art Proof-of-Stake consensus design, that ensures loyal user-enabled legitimacy of transactions, and Master Node validation and control allows for multi-level decentralized, autonomous and sustainable protection that scales-up with the expansion of the whole network.

Then Low-cost transaction fees. The technology behind LRG ensures that it’s rather more economically viable than most other cryptocurrencies on the market today. the most reason for that’s the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm combined with the Masternodes. PoS makes LRG’s transaction fees very low compared to the present giants dominating the market Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Last but not least, Real use-cases for businesses in any industry involving trade. Largo Coin is fundamentally superior to its market competitors because unlike many other cryptocurrencies it’s all it must get widely adopted by many businesses of all sizes: real use-cases, simple-to-understand value for enterprises, easy-to-use tools, and large growth potential.

Largo Coin




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