Unstoppable HEX Episode 11: HEX is Everywhere, Coinswitch Listing, and More

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Bitcoin’s recent parabolic market performance has attracted significant attention to the entire cryptocurrency market. This is both reasonable and expected. These days, however, cryptocurrency receives considerable attention from mainstream media channels. Gone are the days when the only access to reliable cryptocurrency news was from crypto-specific websites and media outlets.

Today, cryptocurrency happenings can be regularly found on the pages of major web outlets, including Yahoo Finance and Forbes. With this type of increased media attention come greater opportunities for moving into new and promising advertising markets. For example, football advertisements are beginning to collaborate with and sponsor various crypto projects.

HEX Appears in Daily Newspapers and a Premier League Match

This is positive news for Richard Heart’s HEX. HEX is experiencing increased visibility in an entirely new space.

In a tweet uploaded by HEX owner Richard Heart, HEX appeared on the stadium’s electronic advertisement board at the Premier League match between Aston Villa and Crystal Palace in Villa Park Stadium Sunday, 12th July.

HEX was also seen on daily newspaper pages right after a massive Twitter hack news that happens a few days ago. This is another great achievement where HEX is now truly everywhere, good marketing by Richard and the HEX loyal community.

Furthermore, another thing that points out that HEX is everywhere is that they have begun to appear in Malls and other public places to promote HEX in general or private referral links specifically. Really a good thing and certainly has a big impact on the popularity of HEX itself. As shown in the image below, the HEX advertisement saw in Birmingham, England.

HEXDEX 2.0 is Live and HEX Listed on Coinswitch

There is new on http://HEXdex.win stuff which is the v2 swap. In the new look of HEXDEX in version 2, it hasn’t changed much, it still displays a simple and elegant impression where users can easily sell, buy, or add pool to this HEXDEX.

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In the other news, HEX (HEX) token is now listed on CoinSwitch. You can simply exchange the HEX token with more than 300 cryptocurrencies in this Coinswitch platform.

CoinSwitch.co is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange aggregator. It provides an exchange service of over 300 cryptocurrencies and over 45,000 pairs from leading exchanges like Binance, OKEx, HitBTC, IDEX, and many more. It provides an easy way for users to trade coins across multiple exchanges based on price and reliability.

About HEX

Here are some interesting facts about HEX:

  • HEX is rank #26 market cap on coinpaprika.com at $521 Million.
  • HEX price did 116x in 129 days.
  • Over $2.5 billion in BTC has FreeClaimed HEX so far.
  • Over 542K ETH has been transformed directly into HEX at go.hex.win.
  • HEX has $12 million liquidity up to $8M volume a day at HEXdex.win trackable at uniswap.info.
  • Both are signup-free and secure, executing peer-to-peer on the blockchain. No counterparty risk.
  • BTC claims made: 303k+ BTC in 28k+ addresses.
  • Stakes: 130k+ stakes are active. HEX is staked on average 4.2 years.

Join HEX’s chat community to know more about HEX and get closer to Richard Heart. He’s there with the community. Join here: https://t.me/HEXcrypto. Find updates about HEX on their telegram channel here: https://t.me/HEXnews.

More about HEX:

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  1. Hex for the WIN!!!!!! Fabulous article. Hex the decentralized monster that is taking over by storm. A digital CD that does not deliver on false promises. Built in a smart contract on the Ethereum network. Being executed as intended. Eliminating the third party. Just you and the contract with over the top supportive community. Nothing like it in the crypto space.

  2. Great article. After sitting on BTC for the past 3 years and it doing absolutely nothing I switched a few to HEX and its been the best thing ever. Regardless of price I gain loads of HEX daily, fun and creative community and the tech coming out to support onboarding and staking whilst providing user friendly interfaces is mind blowing for a project only 8 months old. GO HEX!!

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