Unstoppable HEX Episode 10: HEX Stands Strong in Top 35, Outperformed Dogecoin with 25% Up in the Past Week

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After a rocky June, HEX appears to be back on the road to recovery after experiencing growth in the last week. The price of HEX currently sits at $0.00337 as shown on Bibox Exchange, after climbing from as low as $0.0027 in the past week, and is up more than 25% for the week. Is it start for something big?

Part of the rise comes in the last few days as some events held such as trading competition for $25,000 worth of #ETH, LBank Events with HEX Community, Changelly listing, etc. And also it’s can not be denied that the confidence HEXers raise back after their best YouTuber HEXOLOGIST back on YouTube. Yes! Still, HEX Stands Strong in Top 35, Outperformed Dogecoin, BAT, and Kyber Network.

HEXOLOGIST (HEX Doctor) is Back on Youtube

Although the crypto market had been on stagnan over the last month, the price of HEX has been recently rising. Over the last week, the price of HEX has witnessed a 25% growth. In doing so, it has re-entered the top 35 cryptocurrencies by market cap, narrowly edging out NEM and Ontology (ONG) for the position. It now has a market cap of $380 million.

HEX Liquidity reaches $14 Million with 33k Ethereum bid support that’s count only on UniSwap Exchange. Even better HEX has the most on-chain exchange liquidity of any coin in the world except for ETH and stable coins.

Changelly Listing, How Important?

Changelly has been a growing platform for some time now, Changelly is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange platform. Some Changelly reviews go as far as to claim that it is the most popular crypto exchange platform in the world. It is a non-custodial exchange. This means that it holds no liquidity and does not require any deposits. This makes Changelly one of the most secure choices you can make when trading. Not every crypto can be listed here and recently HEX just get listed on it!

Changelly now provides us with a possibility to convert ETH/BTC/Other Cryptos to HEX in just a few clicks. It’s offering easy and fast swaps of 140+ cryptocurrencies online. We can just choose these crypto-assets at the best rates for a seamless and fastest exchange on Changelly.

Swap Cryptos to HEX in few Clicks

Changelly enables not only the fastest cryptocurrency exchange at the best rates but also the option to buy HEX (HEX) with a credit card. The process is standard and takes a few minutes to get verified to buy HEX. For the following transactions, you get a green light, and no ID verification is needed. It could be the greatest thing that happens to HEX in this early month.

So, now people will get a new simple way to get a HEX, and people even also able to use their credit card to get HEX. Of course, this is a big thing that will expand the adoption of HEX as the Big Pay Day rumble approaches.

Join HEX’s chat community to know more about HEX and get closer to Richard Heart. He’s there with the community. Join here: https://t.me/HEXcrypto. Find updates about HEX on their telegram channel here: https://t.me/HEXnews.

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