Project Introduction #31: 3WM, The Leading Global Ecosystem for A Sustainable World

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The planet is experiencing unprecedented widespread pollution that threatens the lifetime of ecosystems and living things. waste is piling everywhere, all the time, especially plastic waste, which has become an omnipresent major poison. additionally, two-point one billion people don’t have access to drinking water, and also the result, the mortality rate is incredibly high and unacceptable.

Finally, the mobility and also the transport which punctuate our lifestyles, without being the primary issue in terms of pollution reduce on a daily basis a little more the air quality and have disastrous consequences for our health and also the weather.

The Leading Global Ecosystem for A Sustainable World

3WM is a global project fighting pollution of soil, water, and air. 3WM has created a virtuous environmental circle supported blockchain and revolutionary, disruptive, and patented industrial technologies, waste recovery, water treatment, and purification, sustainable mobility.

Resulting from the committed and humanist vision of a bunch of French-Swiss founders, 3WM provides an unprecedented response, a concrete project, a carrier for the longer term of the earth, and profitable for its investors like 3WM transform a hundred percent of the waste into bio-energies by developing the first worldwide network of unpolluted and autonomous factories for the processing of plastic waste and also the waste of act like plastics, organic, medical, electricity, biogas, heat, biofuel, etc.

3WM also creates a virtuous circle of decontamination by rewarding in 3WM token ecological actions like waste collection and green mobility every other Eco Action favoring the environment. and also the indisputable fact that we drink water and make it accessible to the best number and also the poorest.

3WM is improving transport modes to ever fewer CO2 emissions. 3WM creates the first global network of 10 Eco-Tech centers (ETC) dedicated to the protection of the environment, real pools dedicated to the acceleration of the simplest of the world green tech, to the research, the sharing, and also the investment. They also, create local economic and social added value and also generate a very huge number of direct and indirect jobs.

3WM, an industrial project boosted by the Blockchain By addressing temperature change with innovative technologies, 3WM can build a more sustainable and equitable world. The challenge of the environment also coincides with an era of unprecedented innovation and technical industrial change to which 3WM belong.

As a provider of innovative environmental sustainability solutions since 2012, 3WM as Innovation Solar Holding AG understands the immense value of this paradigm. 3WM already offers a full range of existing patented proprietary solutions underpinned by proven business models with existing partners.

3WM is convinced that it can benefit from Blockchain technology which has the potential to become a strong foundational technology to reshape and define how the environment actors create value and transact.

Introducing 3WM Platform

3WM is confident that if people see waste has a financial value they’re going to be sure of it rather than chuck it. within the line of united nations guidelines for temperature change 7 which had expressed that rapid transition requires the active participation of all men and ladies, 3WM is deeply convinced that creating a more inclusive circular economy is that the most relevant solution, that’s why 3WM has created the 3WM ecosystem witch 3WM Platform is that the heart.

3WM platform allowing us to receive 3WM tokens or 3WM and partners products and/or services for waste collection, plastic waste collection. They also allow us to shop for or rent 3WM and partner products and/or services like fuel, biogas, or water treatment solutions with 3WM tokens at preferential prices.

Then also allow us to reward the 3WM EcoActions: community members like partners, NGOs, volunteers would be able to propose local or international initiatives that would benefit the environment. Participants are going to be rewarded by receiving 3WM Tokens and To reward the 3WM EcoInnovations like community members and entrepreneurs are able to propose great green disruptive companies and technologies.

Then the 3WM Platform also allows us to certify 3WM products follow the simplest ecological standards with 3WM Ecological Responsibility Label. 3WM aims to actively solve those problems by using proven patented technologies, developing new technologies, and enabling other entities partners to supply their products and technologies on 3WM’s community platform. the world system is currently in a very state of rapid warming that’s unprecedented even in geological records.


3WM is a good project that provides a unique window opportunity to form a virtuous cycle supported by incentivization of individuals every environment actors and also the use of innovative patented technologies to urgent environmental challenges like waste reduction, ocean health, water management, and pollution.

Blockchain technology allows us to shift from shareholder to stakeholder system, monetize waste, and rewards all stakeholders for their contribution to environmental improvement.




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