Project Introduction #29: Relictum Pro, Blockchain 5.0 of the Latest Generation

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Over the past few years, the buzzwords Blockchain Technology has been tied to literally every industry under the sun. Cryptocurrencies had a wild year in 3 years ago and it seems during that point distributed ledger technology has made it all the way to the Blockchain 5.0 era, but there’s a huge problem, nobody reporting on these projects has tried these networks.

Relictum Pro taps into true distributed ledger technology

Relictum Pro, Blockchain 5.0 of the Latest Generation

Relictum Pro is a scalable, hyper-modern blockchain, with a view to the far future. this is often a platform which could be used both with thin clients and with more powerful processors, basic stations, further like the most recent electronic and computer technologies, including quantum computers.

A blockchain is a chain of blocks, and Relictum Pro is a system of event formalization having dynamic blocks additionally to the chains of blocks themselves. This greatly expands the probabilities and brings to a different level of the mathematical apparatus, and allows you to form not only 1-dimensional models of chains, but 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, and even 4-dimensional models of event formalization.

Relictum Pro is a full-fledged blockchain platform capable of operating in both private and public access for state, commercial, and personal activities.

Blockchain 5.0 improves the features of older blockchain generations

An Endless Distributed Registry with a Developed System of Smart Contracts

Relictum Pro is an endless distributed registry with a developed system of smart contracts, describing formalizing any event in human life, starting from buying and selling goods and services, recording logistic events, to tracking copyright and interacting with legal entities, including a variety of self-executing transactions smart contracts in any field of activity.

Thanks to the chance of smart contracts, an n-dimensional 4-dimensional chain arise when new type-properties of smart contracts appear, as an example, just in case of automatic conclusion of a transaction between several participants, when the chain is automatically closed, and a transaction is concluded between all participants up to ten transactions.

Also, the subsequent properties arise are first, 4-dimensional model of smart contracts like the chance of the intersection of smart contracts and, thus, descriptions of the total type-properties of the product the chance of mixing smart contracts into one, forming a LINE of description.

Second, A blockchain remembers everything. this is often a chance to urge a virtual portrait of someone and, if desired, a participant can make a full sample of varied aspects of their life, what proportion money they spend, what they hear, what they watch, and then on.


Relictum Pro offers a fundamentally different blockchain organization scheme and another principle of networking and building blocks. Relictum Pro is an endless distributed registry with a developed system of smart contracts describing quite eighty percent of serious events in an exceedingly person’s daily life.

Relict coin is future's crypto



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