Project Introduction #26: HOMT, World’s First Platform that Strives to Democratize the Access and Ownership of Student Dedicated Properties

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Blockchains have the benefit of being strongly encoded and easy to explore. Indeed, it’s these two essential properties, that make virtual currency standards like Bitcoin possible, All Bitcoin exchanges involve public transactions, which public record can’t be changed.

Bringing blockchain to real estate could interrupt the large network of third-party deed and title companies. Hence, reducing these participants would streamline the procedure for purchasers and vendors – extraordinary news for them, however not so good for organizations offering claim services.

Utilizing Expanded Property Possessions for the Utilization of Student’s Rental Accommodation and High Occupancy Rates

HOMT LTD. is a property securing, development, and distribution organization offering the chance of students rental accommodation on a central market place together with a bunch of other utilities at the foremost affordable cost.

The organization will create value by utilizing expanded property possessions for the use of Student’s Rental accommodation and high occupancy rates. HOMT’s objective is to create a spread of modern premium student accommodations situated in prime central areas across Europe, North America & the USA.

HOMT Company would be the principal organization to offer a tokenized commodity for committed properties situated not only in prime downtown areas but also within the periphery & outskirts areas which are highly developed and revenue effective.

The reason for this company’s existence is to form value by utilizing expanded property possessions for Student’s Rental accommodation and high inhabitance rates together with offering rentals to international students and at the same time offering numerous utility features.

World’s First Platform that Strives to Democratize the Access and Ownership of Student Dedicated Properties

The idea is easy. you set your cash into a token, whether you’re Student, Third Party real estate owner, or Investor. You hope to receive a host of utility services with the choice of taking the fractional load of your expenses if you’re a student. HOMT token are utilized for the event and growth of their Digital Student Property Marketplace and furthermore supported by their own acquired genuine property, which holds a natural worth.

Every token will speak to A level of Company’s and Student’s utility services it intends to supply. As HOMT’s foundation and property portfolio develop, rental incomes will develop. With the robust business model in place, except regular token utility service benefits which would be derived for HOMT’s valued investors, the property appreciation goes to carry treasure and would gain year on year appreciation.

HOMT LTD. will step into the world market to seek out out the correct accommodation for the understudy with simply some clicks through HOMT LTD PLATFORM. The organization has also kept in mind the futuristic opportunity to buy properties worldwide for understudy housing apart from student’s accommodation within the same marketplace.

Hybrid Rental Term Investments

The company’s Concept of Hybrid Rental Term Investments is to supply all students globally the higher property housing advantage, wherein the could feel and have the comfort like they’re at “HOME”.

The methodology is to develop seriously limited properties in significant European, North American & American urban communities with rising understudy lodging markets – completely renovate the benefits into present-day and build an exceptionally productive income stream by devoting rentals principally to worldwide college understudies searching for premium student accommodation.

The organization will acquire target properties with the assistance of funds raised from the token investors and in association with street Banks. The organization plans to obtain between ten properties within the first year and three to eight properties for each subsequent year, creating 50 – 150 outfitted units per annum with an objective of manufacturing overall nearly more than a thousand understudy lodging units over a five-year time span.

Benefits for Both Investor and Student

HOMT LTD. gives reasonable utility benefits to the scholars after they purchase HOM Tokens through HOMT LTD. PLATFORM like Upgraded Student’s E-Wallet, Flexible Monthly Payment of Rentals, No Expiry of HOM Tokens kept in an e-wallet, Discount on Rental accommodations, Yearly bonus advantage for tokens available in student’s e-wallet, Creation of full ecosystem to fulfill up with future demands of the token holders.

On the other side as Investor’s Benefit like Complete Transparency using BlockChain, Trustless disputes resolution enabled by Smart Contracts, Be a part of numerous opportunities arising out of HOM tokens – Community Development of entire ECO Systems, Investment is within the kind of Tokenized commodities and, holds natural worth, Appreciation of the property’s value increases the inherent value of the tokens, Opportunity of holding tokenized commodity opens door to small and medium investors, Easy transferability and no legacy issues.

Unique Platform to Assist Students with Finding Their Home in Just a Few Clicks

Key Features of this project are first, Students are the longer term of tomorrow, HOMT team constantly endeavor to boost students stay by making the living condition peaceful and price proficient. Then second, All Transaction movements occurring inside the HOMT environment are sent on a simple blockchain network, ensuring transparency, clarity& confidence. Also third, the Investor will see real appreciation within the Tokens value with a rise within the tokenized property prices.

HOMT LTD. plans to democratize the scholar housing investment market by digitizing student housing property, offering investors the possibility to take a position in digital tokens that represents a tokenized Students Rental Accommodation for faculty student rentals. The digitization of property financing has many advantages over traditional property investment models.

Firstly, financial specialists will nevermore be required to place a major amount into one property. Rather, entrepreneurs can purchase any quantity of advanced tokenized commodities beginning at 0.25 $ USD which are connected to any or all HOMT LTD. properties and acquisitions, thereby, making a minimal entrance to the market while enhancing their estate property.

Secondly, the digitizing estate venture mitigates the important estate market’s greatest issue, which is low income. Selling student “unit” is an intensive or maybe incomprehensible procedure thanks to the market’s absence of monetary funds. By holding digital tokens that are tokenized for undergrad’s property, a virtually flexible market can exist for these tokens feasibly making understudy lodging venture an asset for the primary time.


By creating a unique marketplace, giving the opportunity to present property owners to list their property for student rental, students token holders getting the requisite place with few clicks at discounted & affordable rates. It’s a really useful project to improve students’ stay by making the living condition peaceful and cost proficient.

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