Project Introduction #24: Hybrix, Technically Borderless, Not Restricted to any Single Distributed Ledger

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A meta-protocol and blockchain integration solution within the sort of a decentralized asset for transacting value across different digital currency systems would allow ledger and blockchain platforms to be used as a worth transfer medium with no need for any financial intermediaries.

Third-party services currently assist users to exchange one sort of digital cash or asset for an additional, but a trusted third party remains required to mediate these transactions. Decentralized exchanges mostly operate on one chain instead solely between compatible ledgers or blockchains.

Hybrix, Technically Borderless, Not Restricted to any Single Distributed Ledger

Hybrix is a peer-to-peer token protocol designed to be an agnostic second layer platform across multiple blockchains and to facilitate cross-chain transactions and settlement across them without the core complexities of atomic swaps. Hybrix is technically borderless, not restricted to any of single distributed ledger.

Hybrix is meant to leverage the underlying data layer of the blockchain to enable these cross transactions, the blockchains don’t need to implement a hard-fork, and there’s no need to wait for everyone to implement atomic-swap on their ledgersSuch a bridge will make it easier for people to conduct cross-chain transactions, reduce the resource load on bloated chains, and facilitate easier cross-platform transactions between Ethereum ERC-20 tokens and other networks.

Hybrix is the Solution to the Problem of Isolated Digital Currency Systems using a Meta-level Transfer Protocol

Hybrix proposes a solution to the problem of those isolated digital currency systems using the meta-level transfer protocol with an extendable and modular designs, making accessible any kind of ledger-based economy or other digital cash systems for cross-blockchain and inter-systemic transactions.

Many ledger systems have their own sort of consensus mechanism. rather than inventing one more network infrastructure, the hybrix protocol will enable using the info layer of the underlying infrastructure in conjunction with its consensus mechanism. This makes it possible for instance to hijack ledger systems and use their combined powers to make a very cross-ledger asset, with all the advantages of the underlying ecosystems.

The underlying ecosystems will benefit from hosting this protocol. Every hybrix protocol transaction yields a profit to those respective ecosystems by paying transaction fees to their network supporting miners and stakers.


Hybrix is a multi blockchain platform which leverages the strengths of every individual blockchain, Creating a Freedom of Transaction by letting the value of transaction flow freely across all different ledgers with the first cross-ledger token. Yet many of these solutions need specific implementations and compatibilities that not all ledger systems have on offer and thus are limited in scope. Hybrix solves the existing problem by denominating a common protocol that works on any ledger.




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