DogData Project – Interview with Richard Dene Hill, CEO of DogData Project

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Dog owners and Dog breeders are not organized. This leads to Missing or Fragmented Dog Data, Dog Breeding complexities, Missing Dog Sale Conditions of Care, Minimal Leverage of the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Power of the Community.

DogData created integrated solutions using the best technology to make Dog owner’s lives easier and reward them for Dog care & welfare activities and save them money in the process which is interesting to talk about.

Today, In this interview edition, Coinpress Media will talk with Richard Dene Hill, the CEO of Dogdata Project to talk about the project itself such us the idea behind the project, the USP of the project, and many more interesting questions for this interesting project. OK, Let’s go to the interview.

Q: Can you share a bit about your experience and background?

A: My name is Richard Hill 46 years old with 5 Children I was born in Manchester England. After working in the Industrial supplies sector for 5 years I fell into the world of Pet Dog breeding at the age of 22 and started working at Kennel Club DogShows in the UK. 

The brand 4Dogs was established and in some short years became the biggest European importer for Chinese produced Dog products in Europe. 

For the last 10 years, I have been based in Tallinn Estonia where I manage the Dog show sales in the Eastern European, Scandinavian and Russian markets for the 4Dogs group. 

We supply over 30 countries worldwide with over 4000 different Dog products and around 20 leading brands of Dog Food. 

Q: Can you say a few words about your team? Where are you located? How many team members and devs? And a bit of their previous experience?

A: DogData is an Estonian registered company working regulated by the Estonian crypto legislation. DogData has two offices, Tallinn Estonia and Zurich Switzerland.

I am myself happily based in Tallinn Estonia , the European Crypto Capital. 

The DogData team is made up of around 20 core staff working for the project for around 12 months led daily by myself and DogData CFO Thomas Melchior (Switzerland)

We have around 20 great  community support staff led by 3 committed managers who have also been with the DogData project now for almost a year. 

The MyDogData blockchain and social platform is managed by a team of 6 committed blockchain solidity and Mean stack developers all passionate about creating, managing, and developing the world’s first-ever blockchain search and record for Dog life Data. 

Q: Can you tell me What DogData Project actually wants to build? What’re the main Mission & Targets of DogData Project?

A: To build a free to use by the Dog’s owner or Veterinarian, the explorer for Dog life Data recorded on the blockchain for any purebred or other Dog.

Then algorithmically analyse Data of the Diet products and services used by the most successful Dog breeders producing Dogs bred closest to Breed standard to suggest the best Dog breed sensitive Diet and products to regular Pet Dog owners.

Data analysis can be used to improve Dog welfare and save professional Dog breeders and pet Dog owners easily billions of dollars a year worldwide.

Q: Could you give us a brief overview of what problems DogData is aiming to solve and what sets you apart from your competitors?

A: A blockchain and token P2p eco system is a first of its kind for Pet Dog owners. 

MyDogData is deploying disruptive cutting edge modern technology.  

Data analysis using erc20 tokens as a reward mechanism for Dog data and as a Dog food discount payment exchange for the work of Bounty Hunters has never been before  offered or facilitated by blockchain  to the world’s 500 million Dog owners and the worlds enormous wider audience of Dog lovers 

Q: What are some notable achievements currently exchanged? As well as upcoming products launched to the community?

A: has been busy in 2020 launching MVP after MVP 

5 of the overall 15 solutions detailed in Roadmap have been launched in the last 6 months.

  • PedigreeChain ( on_block Explorer ) ( microchips, vaccination serial numbers, certificates, documents, invoices, offspring, etc )
  • DogSale SmartContract ( on_block Dog Sale record with erc721 DogID token ) and erc20 Dog welfare milestone rewards 
  • DogDate Mobile app  ( Geographical localized ticketed with Tokens Dog Event search or own Event creation ) ( facilitates Dog show entries online )
  • DogExpert ( A erc20 tokenized marketplace for Dog knowledge )
  • DNAHunter  ( Your most compatible pet Dog breed. Potentials suggested to you using data analysis of your lifestyles specific Socio variables )

these 5 working start up MVPs can be seen already in use  now at

Q: To the esteemed CEO of DogData, we know for ourselves that blockchain technology has not been fully accepted by the public, how does MyDogData explain to the public what blockchain technology is and what its benefits?

A: The “public” will not necessarily realize they are using MyDogData blockchain technology as the procedures for saving their Dog Life data are very similar to any other registration form.

The only noticeable difference to a Dog owner is that the DogData private blockchain makes recording data free of cost.

The blockchain use creates the alternative of saving hundreds of dollars for pet Dog owners and Breeders spent on the cost of the usual web2.0 third party Dog registration fees. 

Saving money should help to encourage mainstream “public” use of the Dog blockchain.

In fact the PedigreeChain on_block explorer user search interface, for a breeder, Dog owner or Veterinarian to search for any Dog by any different type of data variable  is just the same mechanics as using Google search.

The difference is the Data is served from private blockchain , results are specific , time stamped and not sponsored by google ads

Q: What the Marketing & Adoption plans of the DogData Project? How you attract more users towards your platform?

A: MyDogData team and affiliates are experts at working within the whole annual CACIB International Dog show calendar worldwide

see for more information to see the events in which we attend as organisers, participants or promotions and sponsor management 

The first question that you will ask a Dog breeder after buying the puppy is  “ what food do I give him “ 

bringing the world’s Dog breeders into the Dog welfare and money saving benefits of using the MyDogData platform is imperative

The worlds Pet Dog owners follow the advice and guidance of what solutions, services and products to use from the experts. The world’s 20 million Dog Breeders who are found week by week, year by year working, buying and participating at the world’s CACIB Dog show events. DogData brand will host participate sponsor or organise at all of these events promoting relentlessly the use of to save money and help Improve Dogs living and welfare conditions 

Q: Can you tell me why investors and users should buy and hold DogData’s ETHBN tokens in the long run?

A: The DogData three token model is new, unique and well thought through using sensibility and consevatibe restraint on liquidating EtherBone  tokens.

The token economics model is a credit to the DogData CFO, designed to support long term token growth using the platforms mechanisms to work to specifically underpin the exchange tokens value 

  1. ETHBNT is the platform token used to exchange P2p services and user knowledge 

for Dog food purchase discounts.

The MyDogData revenue from the communities  ETHBNT purchasing and use is then all used to buy back progressively the ETHBN tokens listed on the Bitforex exchange

  1. MyDogData is profitable has revenues from suggesting to the community the best products and Diet for the specific Dog breed using Data analysis (AI) 

Liquidation of the ETHBN token by the C-level management for development into revenue or personal profit by the management is not necessary. 

Removing the down pressure usually associated to a tokens price immediately after exchange  listing 

  1. The worlds widespread adoption of the use of erc721 will mean for recording a Dog to blockchain will require using also erc20 ETHBN incremental to the transfer of a Dog sold by a Dog Breeder to a pet Dog owner that is using the erc721 protocol

Meaning if same as DogData team you believe that erc721 assetization of all assets will become mainstream then we have potentially a 500 million user base within 5 years and each Dog owner user of blockchain would have to use the ETHBN erc20 token as well as their erc721 DogID  token to transfer ownership of the puppy to new Dog owner

In this economic model using erc721 as a DogID token can massively increase the need for the erc20 ETHBN to be listed on Bitforex on 28th May 2020

Q: After Bitforex, are there any targeted exchanges for DogData?

A: The first target is to manage the EtherBone erc20 token management and market making team.

We are in discussions with multiple exchanges about listing our ETHBN coin. The objective is to list additional exchanges to increase liquidity for our investors and traders. Our plan is to announce the next ETHBN listing exchange soon

Q: What are the ways that MyDogData generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model? How can it benefit win-win to both investors and your project?

A: MyDogData believes that both Dog welfare and saving money can be managed by the community itself, even the Dog Breeding standards. 

AI machine learning algorithms should be at their  foundation fundamentally designed in collaboration with experts.

Dog life Data analysed by machines will be able to provide solutions better and quicker than humans for , Diet , Products, Services, Travel , Accomodation , Training , Breeding, Insurance  and even making sure you don’t choose a breed of Dog totally unsuited to your lifestyle.

The DogData platform does make a profit in the erc20 ETHBN coin, the inherent value is the coin being incremental in the process of suggesting the best product service or food for the specific Dog breed using Data analysis . 

Strengthening the value of the listed ETHBN coin or for that matter any listed erc20 coin should come from the reflection of the perpetual increase in ecosystems use of the token in the platforms users point of purchase for product, service or a solution choice. 

Q: Partners play a huge role as backup and support at every start of a project, What role do your partners play in the ecosystem of DogData and what benefits do they have for being a partner?

A: The blockchain and crypto marketing sphere are not evolved into a proper clear industry with many overpriced underlies services offered that don’t have clear deliverables.

At DogData we have tried to avoid the smoke and mirrors using instead the tech to create real solutions, services and buzz around the project

The DogData major partners within the worlds Kennel clubs , show judges , professional Show Dog handlers , Dog charities or rescue organisations and the worlds most succesfull Dog breeders, the projects founders and influencers are the partners in the backbone of bringing the focus being Dog owner registrations,  to blockchain.

Strategic retail partners are the mass pet product retailers all eager to embrace both a blockchain managed by a trusted existing partner and a good Dog owner token reward system for using blockchain to record Vaccination immunisation serial numbers dates for diseases like rabies and canine coronavirus 

Q: What are DogData’s plans for 2-3 years from now? What are the growth targets for sales, users, market?

A: The exponential growth of modern tech has highlighted many areas of the Dog owner world where Dog welfare can be improved and pet Dog owners and breeders can save money. MyDogData is a community platform so must consider as I have mentioned, every aspect of Dogs life from Diet to Travel to Veterinary care etc

The next major very exciting developments are online Dog shows judged by the community using ETHBNT and ETHBN erc20 tokens as winners rewards 

and Biometric Dog recognition on mobile phone using the skin on the Dogs Foot ? 

Thanks for this opportunity to take part in your AMA

Please sign up at and take part in the IEO launchpad on the 18th of May on Bitforex exchange

That’s all for this interview edition, thank you for taking this interview with me. It’s mean a lot for me and investors of course. I wish you the best for your DogData Project!

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