Project Introduction #21: KingCasino, The Leading Online Gaming Platform that Enables Players to Use Their Cryptocurrencies

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Online gaming has been and is going to be one of the fastest-growing and stable industries. A study by BusinessWire shows that this market is expected to nearly double from around $50 billion in 2019 to $95 billion by 2024, averaging a growth rate of around 14% per year. Casinos, betting, and gambling is one of the oldest industries the world knows. It has been a safe investment and producing reliable growth and revenue for decades.

As with any young industry, some problems, and challenges that undermine the growth potential of online gaming. Some of these are listed such as Lack of Transparency, No Guaranteed Payments, Unpleasant Experiences, Unfair Conditions, Security Concerns, and High Fees.

By using blockchain technology, KingCasino can reach out to market segments with untapped potential and acquire distinct advantages over competitors, enabling us to become a dominant player in the market.

With the development of blockchain technology, significant changes are bound to happen in the world of online casinos. Blockchain technology makes full transparency and reliability possible in the online gaming process. Plus, blockchain also makes games provably fair, transactions easier and faster at lower or no cost. Moreover, the players’ information remains secured and private.

The Leading Online Gaming Platform that Enables Players to Use Their Cryptocurrencies is the leading online gaming platform that enables players to use their cryptocurrencies for an unrivaled variety of casino games, slots, and sports betting. is proud to present KingCasino’s unique KCT security token. Investors become shareholders by acquiring KingCasino’s ERC20-based KCT security token. The token allows investors to receive quarterly dividends of profits and receive active voting power on significant business decisions. merges two of the hottest industries today – cryptocurrencies and online gaming. team is a group of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in all relevant topics of the KingCasino project. KingCasino’s main targets in 2020 include the expansion of gaming and betting offers for KingCasino customers and pushing the global rollout of the platform.

KingCasino’s vision is to become one of the leading casinos in the online gaming industry. Tim Nguyen, Founder & Software Team Leader, has many years of experience in developing desktop and web applications for telecoms. His Ph.D. in machine learning gives him the background to apply his in-depth expertise in highly innovative ways.

Tim capably manages a large team of developers to deploy multiple programming paradigms and create innovative solutions that ensure smooth, secure operations. KingCasino’s team created, a licensed cryptocurrency online casino registered in Curacao, to rise above the challenges of the online casino industry, and allow the crowd to participate in and profit from this rapidly growing industry. Offers an Amazing Collection of Hundreds of High-quality Slot Games and all Well-known Casino Games

Currently, offers an amazing collection of hundreds of high-quality slot games and all well-known casino games such as Blackjack, Poker, Slots, and Baccarat. KingCasino also offers all the live casino game action you can imagine as well as Sports Betting and much more.

KingKasino solves the challenges of the online gaming industry Invite the crowd to participate in the industry and profit from the enormous growth potential by owning shares of KingCasino’s company Raise the necessary capital through crowd sale for platform expansion and technological improvement Increase the brand awareness and customer base of through marketing campaigns during ICO and IEO KingCasino have used the initial funding to set up the team and the business.

The team of talented people, with expertise in all facets required for success, created the foundations of a fully licensed online gaming platform. The license, hundreds of casino games of all types, and Sports Betting are already available.

KingCasino Issues KCT Security Tokens

In parallel, KingCasino will issue KCT security tokens. These are the first-ever security tokens in the online gaming industry. This unique approach allows us to raise capital for necessary expansion. Plus, investors participate in and profit from the booming online gaming market. KCT tokens also grant full adoption of blockchain technology to ensure transparency, promptness, and fairness for online gaming, shareholder voting, and profit-sharing.

The combination of a talented management team, cryptocurrencies, KingCasino’s world-wide unique KCT security token offering, and the fast-growing online gaming industry provides enormous potential for success and growth.

One of the most critical aspects of KingCasino’s growth is the industry-leading partner model with the highest possible revenue share deals and the possibility of regional exclusivity. The partners don’t merely supply links, they are and have to be, active marketing and business partners.’s project has extraordinary people behind it. KingCasino gathered a team of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in all relevant aspects of KingCasino project.


With a market expected to nearly double from around $50 billion to $95 billion by 2024, online gaming has been and is going to be one of the fastest-growing industries. Participate in this booming market by joining us either as a customer, partner, or KCT security token investor! This article provides essential information about and the KCT security token to help the prospective supporters gaining a clear insight into KingCasino’s business model and their long-term vision.




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