Project Introduction #20: EzyStayz, Global Holiday Rental Platform Powered by Crypto

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Cryptocurrency, specifical blockchain, has rapidly turned in disruptive technology in society today, yet it’s still within the early stages of adoption. Consequently, many new cryptocurrency platforms fail to bridge the gap between technical complexity and value of blockchain for the hospitality sector as an early implementer.

The potential during this growing market together with the increasing acceptance of cryptocurrencies makes new projects extremely appealing for investors and users alike. But the marketplace for cryptocurrencies isn’t fully realized neither is there complete and seamless integration between digital currencies and their application within the short-term lease sector in one decentralized network.

EzyStayz, A Global Holiday Rental Platform Powered by Crypto

Introducing EzyStayz, the primary Australian-owned global platform to open the vacation rental market to individuals across the world. The vision was for a remarkable place that lets people explore, meet, connect, and travel without limitations. Now, the EzyStayz team is taking the subsequent step within the EzyStayz™ journey of tapping into the vast potential of blockchain technology. The result’s a global ecosystem of travelers, hotels, and property owners that may come together faster, safer, and easier than ever before.

EzyStayz’s blockchain-based platform will speed up the method of matching homeowners with suitable short-term tenants. EzyStayz is creating a new a brand new stream of income with minimal transaction fees for property owners and a channel for vacation rentals for travelers that’s cheaper than leading competitors like, Expedia, and Airbnb. By removing the barriers of currency, tax, and financial regulations anywhere within the world, EzyStayz is remaking the way you travel, host, and explore.

The EzyStayz website is that the first building block of a bigger exchange that may eventually target businesses and consumers with more strategic B2B tools to tap into the potential of the hospitality sector.

EzyStayz’s business model is already functional with a web site listing over 800,000 properties worldwide, and EzyStayz will develop a platform which will integrate and complement other existing features. Thus, the main target is now on popularizing the concept behind EzyStayz and fund the subsequent stage of EzyStayz’s company journey through a Token Crowdsale.

EzyStayz may be a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodation properties round the world. EzyStayz’s aim is to grant crypto holders direct access to short and long-term vacation rental opportunities globally.

Fully Functioning Platform that Gives a Seamless, Quick, and Low-cost Way Rent or List Rental Properties

EzyStayz project runs a totally functioning platform that gives a seamless, quick, and low-cost way to rent or list rental properties with Access to 1 Million+ Accommodations worldwide. Villas, Apartment, Hostels, and more. the event and launch of a native cryptocurrency related to EzyStayz will introduce a layer of decentralization borrowing from the crypto sector and permit end customers and property owners to house one another on the platform with none fee or commission.

EzyStayz is the meeting point between existing centralized platforms like Expedia and Airbnb, online travel agencies (OTAs), and therefore the global crypto community. With the assistance of a public token sale, EzyStayz are going to be able to further the event of EzyStayz 2.0. and position the platform as a next-generation and transparent system for brief and long-term vacation rentals. By transforming traditional holiday rental platforms and delivering increasing value to all or any hotels, property owners, and their customers, EzyStayz aims to unlock unprecedented value for consumers and businesses on the EzyStayz platform.

EzyStayz team will achieve this through the principles of blockchain: fairness, accessibility, transparency, and trust while applying them to an already existing and fully developed centralized model for hospitality accommodation in mature growth markets.

EzyStayz may be a unique blockchain-based marketplace that connects travelers and hosts through a wise contract platform that’s decentralized, immutable, and transparent. it’s the potential to dramatically reduce transaction costs from business as was common, is secure, and protects customer privacy.

EzyStayz regulates the marketplace from some extent of quality, integrity, and security through safe smart contracts that don’t implode. Reviews, customer feedback, and payment records will remain decentralized because of the utilization of smart contracts with identity tokens, allowing transparent and ethical transactions, and eliminating abuse of misrepresentations or scams.

The blockchain-based modules of the platform will make it seamless for both buyers and sellers to own their wallets and tokenized accounts founded without the requirement to own deep knowledge in cryptocurrency through EzyStayz’s interface.

The core of the EzyStayz platform is that the utilization of blockchain technology and smart contracts to unravel the foremost drawback of Airbnb, HomeAway, and other property sharing sites. EzyStayz benefits from a bunch of breakthrough technologies and features. Namely:

  • The first blockchain technology that allow targeted marketing on a P2P level
  • Smart contracts generation and customization with ease
  • Integration of identity tokens and Smart contracts
  • Elimination of trust issues
  • Decentralized direct payments on a P2P level
  • Ability to get customized targeted searches for tenants leading to faster searches, a better probability of renting and better ROI for both hosts and repair providers


EzyStayz is just an easy-to-use, transparent, and secure platform built on the blockchain technology, EzyStayz allows buyers to sift through extensive and detailed listings of properties available around the world in an exceedingly smarter customized way. The platform deploys a posh rating algorithm supported multi-dimensional metrics like personal preferences, previous customer reviews, property features, location, and occupancy information to permit users to list, discover, and book short and long-term rentals on the blockchain.




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