DogData Project – Interview with Boma Evans, African Regional Manager of DogData Project

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DogData, the first international Dog registration on blockchain, the first multidimensional Dog pedigree database, the first Dog breeding prediction engine using big data and AI, and a lot more first you can find on this project. DogData s such an interesting project to know deeper.

Today, In this interview edition, Coinpress Media will talk with oma Evans, African Regional Manager of DogData Project to talk about the project itself such us the idea behind the project, achievement, future plan, and many more interesting questions for this interesting project. OK, Let’s go to the interview.

Q: Hi, Thanks for taking this interview with us! Can you introduce yourself to the community, when did you join this DogData project, and share a bit about your experience in this field?

A: Hello, My name is Boma Evans and I am the African Regional manager for DogData.  I have been with the organization since March 2019

Q: Can you share a bit about your experience and your background?

A: I was born in 1988 (32), married and I have a 6-year-old daughter. I have a first degree in computer science and a master’s degree in software engineering. I am a system developer, a high-level Full-stack software programmer with knowledge of C sharp, Visual Basic, Java / JSP, MySQL, and Active Server Pages (ASP). I can also work with front end developmental solutions such as HTML / CSS, and JavaScript.

Furthermore I have experience and skills in  content management systems / frameworks.  I can effectively use wordpresss, drupal and Joomla for website development. That’s not all I am an expert content developer / ghost writer, Digital marketer, and data center management capabilities.

I am an ardent lover and expert of Canine(Dogs) and Feline’s (Cats). Additionally, I am a blockchain enthusiast and I have passion for futuristic and next generational cutting edge technological solutions.

Before I joined DogData, I have worked in the Power and Energy sector (PE Energy limited) as an IT manager and sales specialist supervising IT activities and sales activities in the company USA office, Nigerian office, and UAE office. I have also worked in a Freight forwarding and logistics firm (Well-Worldwide Energy logistics ltd) overseen DDP, EXworks and FOB shipment Incoterms. I have also worked in the travel and tourism sector (Laviv Travels Ltd) as the IT manager. Over the course of my Duty I have travelled to the United States (2014), UAE (2015), Egypt (2016) and Angola (2018) and obviously Nigeria.

Q: Can you tell me what is DogData about?

A: DogData was launched in 2017 by a group of talented individuals united by a passion for dogs and technological solutions. We are a kennel organization and our passion is to improve the welfare of dogs all around the world, promote responsive dog ownership, monetize the passion of dog lovers and breeders and also to create technological solutions for the management of dogs, handlers, groomers, dog show judges, veterinary and lots more.

Intertwined with blockchain technology, DogData is one of the emerging companies striving to scale up the pet sector. We have utilized Blockchain technology for the registry of immutable dog record and we are on the verge of attaining a new height like never before in the pet and exchange industry. DogData is certainly the new kid on the block…. Watch this space.

Q: What was your motivation to join this project? And please tell me what is your vision for DogData project?

A: There are lots of misconceptions about dogs all over the world and I share the vision of the founders of DogData in wanting to clear misconception and promote the responsible ownership of Dogs. When I first spoke with the Boss, Richard Hill I discovered he was innovative, highly intelligent, straightforward, and an Uber Talent. His intelligence transcends the normal norm and I wanted to be a part of this fast-moving train.

I want to use my technological background to share my creative ideas to improve the system and help make DogData a house hold name in the Pet and exchange industry. This is my motivation and my vision for DogData

Q: What are the major milestone DogData has achieved so far and what are in the future pipeline?

A: Over the course of 3 years of the formation of the company, DogData has become a behemoth in the pet industry expanding into territories such as United Kingdom, USA, Africa, Russia, Spain, India, Indonesia, Korea, China, Vietnam and a few more. We are almost standing head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to the deployment of cutting edge technological solutions. Here is a summary of what the organization has achieved in just 3 years

  • We are the first Pet organization to deploy Smart Contract using the blockchain technology
  • First Pet industry to deploy blockchain technology for Dog Life Data
  • First industry to use blockchain to record Dog Births
  • First use of blockchain explorer to search for Dog and owner data
  • First use of time blockchain to time stamp vaccination / immunization of blood test result dates
  • First pet industry to create social media platforms to improve awareness for Dog charity and rescue organizations
  • First pet organization to create a Tokenised experience and knowledge exchange marketplace
  • First Tokenised Dog product suggestive feed from users private data analysis

DogData immediate future plan is to get the token system listed on Bitforex, to launch the Etherbone Coin which a cryptocurrency and launching of 4Dog Market place amongst others

Q: In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge for this DogData project?

A: Getting all of our technological solutions was a big challenge. From requirement gathering to analysis, mockup design, actual design and implementation, testing, and launching was hectic and required a lot of funds. However with hard work, dedication and perseverance we got through most of them and today we have hosted a range of technological solutions including the PedigreeChian Blockchain explorer, DogExpert, Unique, sleek and elegant landing page design, a range of intuitive learning solutions, DNA Hunter, Smart Contract and so much more.

Q: Can you tell me what the main role of Blockchain technology in DogData project? And also, can you please tell me the benefits of having the ETHBN token?

A: The benefit of blockchain technology cannot be overemphasized. Everyone knows the pedigree of blockchain and the reason why it is the future of tomorrow. Over the years kennel clubs and other dog bodies have centralized and hoarded information about dogs through their databases. Some of the information is not readily available when dog owners, vets, and breeders want it and some of the information is mutilated. No one checks the information because they are governed by a central body and pet owners are at the receiving end of the inefficiencies.

It is apparent that the dog industries needs technological innovation to help with capturing information’s about dogs. Currently vaccination records of dogs are managed by individual organizations and there is no way to effectively and accurately manage and track vaccination records of our pets? With ownership records either missing or forged, vaccination and other pet records centrally stored across a multitude of on and offline sources, cannot help with the management of dogs worldwide. However, the solution to all this problem is the blockchain technology and DogData has taking the first step to utilize it in the pet industry. With Blockchain technology pet information would be properly secured, transparent, immutable and decentralized. The blockchain technology ensures maximum productivity and scalability.

One of DogData solution that runs on the Blockchain technology is the PedigreeChain International Dog Registration Blockchain. Its an International Dog owner Registration and Rabies vaccination blockchain that is easy to use for Dog breeders and Veterinary vaccination registration for all Dogs using immutable date stamped blockchain technology. Another solution that runs on the blockchain technology is the Smart contract that ensures that dog sales and agreements are facilitaled without the need of a third party or an escrow agent. It enforces contract terms and records cannot be altered

The Etherbone token is a digital currency and can be used on the dog data market place as discount vouchers or as medium of exchange for the purchase of pet products and services. It is built on an existing blockchain technology and can be mined, eared or bought and can also be used globally. With the Etherbone token  all transactions are recorded on the blockchain technology which makes it immutable, traceable, and viewable by anyone from any part of the world but the transaction parties would remain anonymous

Q: Have you talked with any exchanges about their interest in enabling your ETHBN token? which exchange it is?

A: Yes we have discussed with Bitforex and the event is slated for May 2020. The objective of the Initial Exchange offer (IEO) is to increase awareness of DogData products and services, Raise funding, phase funding, provide liquidity to investors, expand the customer base and start the Etherbone Token Economy.

That’s all for this interview edition, thank you for taking this interview with me. It’s mean a lot for me and investors of course. I wish you the best for your DogData Project!

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  1. Too many projects I’ve ever seen using blockchain technology, but for this project I see it will be usefull for everyone in the world. I’m so exiciting for this one, let’s see how DogData works for dog owners, I’m waiting it

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