DogData Project – Interview with Thomas Melchior, CFO of DogData Project

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In today’s situation, Dog owners and Dog breeders are not organized. This leads to Missing or Fragmented Dog Data, Dog Breeding complexities, Missing Dog Sale Conditions of Care, Minimal Leverage of the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Power of the Community.

DogData, created integrated solutions using the best technology to make Dog owner’s lives easier and reward them for Dog care & welfare activities and save them money in the process which is interesting to talk about.

Today, In this interview edition, Coinpress Media will talk with Thomas Melchior, the CFO of Dogdata Project to talk about the project itself such us the idea behind the project, the USP of the project, and many more interesting questions for this interesting project. OK, Let’s go to the interview.

Q: Hi Thomas, Thanks for taking this interview with me, First of all, can you introduce yourself and your role on DogData Project?

A: Hello, My name is Thomas Melchior, just call me Thomas. I am the Chief Financial Officer or CFO of DogData and a member of the core team at DogData.

My remit is the strategy, business planning, operational planning, financial planning, token economics as well as looking after all the numbers and financials.

Q: Can you share a bit about your experience and your background?

A: I am a finance professional and have enjoyed a long international career in customer focused, technology driven organizations in emerging markets and technologies as Finance Director, CFO, COO as well as CEO. I have worked in large corporations as well as in start-up companies. Over the past few years, I have been working with technology startups as a consultant and advisor, as well as a founder.

I have a degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) in finance, international business and entrepreneurship from the University of Rochester (USA).

I am Swiss national, 53 years old, happily married and we have a teenage son. I am a bit of a bookworm but like to travel and experience new cultures. I have a wonderful international exposure having lived and worked in Switzerland, the USA, India, Kosovo and the Maldives.

Q: Can you tell me what is DogData about?

A: Imagine a world where you get rewarded for every good deed, that world is DogData. DogData is all about improving dog care and welfare and saving money for dog owners.

We are leveraging the multimillion dog breeder and pet dog owner communities to improve dog welfare, dog breeding, and dog knowledge. DogData uses advanced technologies and a gamified reward system to make dog care and welfare better.

What was your motivation for starting this project?

A: I like solving problems and creating customer focused value-added solutions.

The dog industry is full of interesting problems.

Q: And what is your vision for DogData project?

A: DogData OU. was founded by a team of Dog industry and functional experts. We have consulted with industry leaders, specialists, experts as well as many show Dogs and pet Dog owners to help find innovative solutions.

Transforming the dog industry by improving dog welfare and saving money for dog owners.

There are 1.4 billion dogs in the world, so we have a big vision.

Q: What are the major milestone DogData has achieved so far and what are in the future pipeline?

A: We have created integrated solutions using the best technology. We have a lot of firsts:

  • First international Dog registration on blockchain                   
  • First Dog ID asset token
  • First multidimensional Dog pedigree database
  • First time stamped immutable Dog vaccination, immunization and life data vault using blockchain
  • First smart contract for Dog sales
  • First sale contract with paid care and welfare milestones
  • First Dog breeding prediction engine using big data, machine learning and AI
  • First use of AI to reduce genetic Dog health defects
  • First Dog knowledge exchange building Dog care and welfare knowledge
  • First gamified system built for Dog owners
  • First Dog event and Dog show mobile app 
  • First mobile enabled Dog show ticketing system 
  • First suggestive marketplace for Dogs
  • First tool to learn from top breeders
  • First incentivized, gamified reward tokens for Dog owners
  • First discount token economy for Dog owners
  • First tool using community power to save money for all Dog owners

Some of these solutions are already created, some are still in the pipeline.

We are currently in the process of launching our initial exchange offer (IEO) on Bitforex this month. The objective of the IEO is to provide funding for our product development roadmap and customer expansion.

You can help support our project by participating in our IEO. Go to, sign up, and get ready for our first IEO round on the 18th of May or our second IEO round on the 25th of May.

Q: What are the biggest USP of the DogData project?

  • A: The number of dogs worldwide is growing at 5% per year.
  • The average spend per dog is also growing at the same rate of 5% per year.
  • Our market is growing by 10% to 13% per year.
  • This market will drive the demand for EtherBones (ETHBN).
  • The supply of EtherBones (ETHBN) will decrease through our repurchase mechanism.
  • All of these elements combined to create the perfect launchpad for the exponential growth of our coin ETHBN.

Q: What is the biggest challenge for this DogData project?

A: I believe the biggest challenge is designing the customer interface and making the solutions easy to use.

There are a lot of dog owners and not every one of them is comfortable with technology, so keeping it simple for the customer is key.

Q: When can we see the DogData solutions such as Pedigree Chain, Dog Sale Smart Contract, DogExpert, etc fully operated?

A: We already have 5 minimum viable products (MVP) up and running on our website:

  1. PedigreeChain
  2. Dog Sale Smart Contract
  3. DNA Hunter
  4. Dog Expert
  5. Dog Date mobile app

We have a detailed roadmap and development schedule to enhance and improve our existing products as well as launch additional exciting products and services to our community.

Visit our website and you can help grow dog welfare, dog care and start earning our platform tokens, ETHBNT. You can also find a more detailed description of our whole business plan and roadmap at

Q: Can you tell us what is the main role of Blockchain technology in DogData project?

DogData uses the immutable recording and Ricardian smart contract features of the blockchain technology to create solutions for dog owners. Some of our solutions use decentralized public record-keeping on the blockchain, others use a centralized, private blockchain. Here is a list of our solutions using Blockchain technology:

  1. ERC721 Dog ID Asset Token – This asset token is the international Dog registration and Dog ID on the public blockchain. It is the reference library of all specific Dog life data.
  2. PedigreeChain Ancestry Database – A searchable, multidimensional interlinked ancestry database showing common ancestry and descendants for each Dog.
  3. Dog Vaccination Blockchain – Searchable, immutable dog vaccination recorded on the blockchain.
  4. Dog Sale Smart Contract – A smart contract is a Ricardian contract, i.e. a fully binding legal contract in electronic form.
  5. ERC 20 Etherbone Token – Etherbone Tokens are created using private blockchain technology to ensure that discounts can only be used once.
  6. ERC 20 Etherbone Coin – Etherbone Coins use ERC20 blockchain technology.

Q: What is the plan after IEO?

A: DogData is a long-term project, so the IEO is only a small step in our journey. After the IEO we will be focusing on two main areas.

  1. Increasing DogData Users & Benefits – Expanding and accelerating Dog owner registrations globally as well as enhancing our products and services to provide even more benefits to our Dog owner community.
  2. Attracting DogData Investors – Long term growth also depends on attracting a loyal ETHBN investor base. We focus on the healthy development of the ETHBN coin price, with reasonable volatility and increased liquidity. We will be listing the ETHBN coin on additional exchanges to increase liquidity.

That’s all for this interview edition, again I want to say thank you to Mr. Thomas Melchior for taking this interview with me. A great talk with you, it’s mean a lot for me and investors of course. I wish you the best for your DogData Project!

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to talk about myself and about DogData. Our project is not about me, it is about building a community of dog owners and investors.

If you have a dog, help us grow by registering at

If you are investor, participate in our IEO of ETHBN on

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