Project Introduction #17: DogData, The First Suggestive Marketplace for Dogs

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Dog specific & breed-specific suggestive marketplace with an excellent selection of products and services at low prices with the product, services, diet suggestions already utilized by your Dog’s breed champions. Introducing Champion Recommended Products, The 4Dogs Marketplace uses the knowledge and experience of the Dog breeders. It funnels the alternatives of internationally judged champion Dogs to serve the pet Dog owner community. The 4Dogs marketplace is suggestive offering only breed-specific products and services utilized by international champions.

Dog specific product recommendation, The marketplace algorithms recommend specific products and services tailored for every individual dog. this protects each dog owner time and money. It also helps avoid unsuitable or wrong products and services. Rated suppliers, Mutual scorecard ratings by customers and suppliers reinforces trust and confidence altogether market participants and products. Users of products and services can rate those products and services like Rated Customers, Rated Suppliers, Rated Products, and Rated Services. Our scorecard system ensures that only vetted Dog owners and vetted suppliers can trade on our marketplace. Our system minimizes the chance of the fraudulent customer and product ratings which are common problems on other marketplaces. With Multiple Channels, Dog owners could be directly through the DogData marketplace or use Etherbone Tokens for direct discounts for in-store discounts.

Etherbone Token and Etherbone Coin, the most Tokens on the DogData Ecosystem

Etherbone token economy, the average annual expenditure per Dog in developed markets is USD 1’650 per annum. This figure varies counting on the Dog breed, the Dog’s activities, the Dog owner, and therefore the country of residence. Etherbone Tokens (ETHBNT), are the electronic kind of the typical discount coupon utilized by many industries in many countries. Etherbone Tokens don’t seem to be a cryptocurrency and thus is used globally. Etherbone Tokens are created using private blockchain technology to make sure that discounts can only be used once.

How to Earn & Mine Etherbone Tokens? For Dog Owners, they’ll be obtained updating their dog information within the PedigreeChain, obtained uploading on the DataVault, obtained completing Smart Dog Sale Contract milestones, Rewards for ScoreCard milestone achievements, and join Bounty program rewards. For Dog Breeders they’ll be obtained updating their dog information within the PedigreeChain, obtained uploading on the DataVault, Rewards for ScoreCard milestone achievements, obtained DogData Breeders Predictions, obtained DogData Expert contributions, and join Bounty program rewards. For DogData Community Contributors they’ll be obtained DogData Expert social media content contributors, obtained judging virtual dog shows or dog grooming contests, and also join Bounty program rewards.

Key Advantages of the token itself covering the worldwide coverage, Lower transaction costs, Steady demand for tokens, and Stable demand for tokens. The Etherbone Tokens allow us to supply our products and services globally, even in countries which specifically cryptocurrencies and crypto utility tokens are forbidden. Since we are employing a private blockchain we’ll not need to spend money on ‘gas’ cost if the transactions remain just within the DogData Etherbone behavior modification. The demand for Etherbone Tokens are going to be steady and powerful because many dog owners will use Etherbone Tokens to avail of the discounts on the 4Dogs Marketplace. Not all dog owners can earn sufficient Etherbone Tokens. they’ll buy Etherbone Tokens. this may create never-ending demand for Etherbone Tokens.

The Etherbone Tokens is used for paying for products or services like Paying for marketplace products, Mobile app, PedigreeChain, DogData Breeding, Smart Dog Sale Contract, DogExpert knowledge, DogData Community, DogShow entries, Instore purchases at participating pet suppliers, and for P2P services.

Etherbone Coins (ETHBN), Etherbone Coins are a transferrable cryptocurrency. Etherbone Coins use ERC20. Etherbone Coins are tradable on crypto market exchanges. Etherbone Coins are created employing a public blockchain technology to trace the ownership of Etherbone Coins.

Etherbone Coins are going to be sold through private placement and public initial exchange offer (IEO) to boost funding for the DogData Project. The demand for Etherbone Tokens are going to be driven by the Repurchase Mechanism. Etherbone Coins are going to be repurchased from crypto market exchanges at market rates. All funds DogData receives from selling Etherbone Tokens are going to be accustomed re-purchase Etherbone Coins from cryptocurrency markets.


Dogdata is that the first incentivized, gamified reward tokens for Dog owners, it’s the primary discount behavior modification for Dog owners. Dogdata is additionally the primary tool-using community power to avoid wasting money for all Dog Owners. Etherbone Tokens is mined and earned by Dog owners, Dog breeders, or community contributors. All funds received from selling Etherbone Tokens are going to be used to purchase Etherbone Coins from cryptocurrency markets. The IEO is coming soon on one in all one of the exchanges within the world, Bitforex. Find the details on the website:



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